“I’m a collector, and I’m always looking for the unusual, the rare and the collectable. It’s just what appeals to me and my passion, it’s what makes my heart skip a beat.”

Born in Malta, Tayma Page Allies grew up in the Caribbean and West Africa. Her background is as diverse as the gemstones that she personally sources. It was the rich and vivid cultures of her childhood that ignited her love of colour and bold designs.


In 1990, Tayma organized the first fashion show in China for a French fashion house, and at the same time, she discovered that she had a flair for designing jewellery. What originally began as a passion for redesigning her existing and rather small jewellery collection, grew into a career as Tayma's friends fell in love with her designs, and commissioned her to make pieces for them.


Whilst studying gemmology, Tayma opened her first atelier above the bars of Lan Kwai Fong, and travelled the world hosting trunk shows with her jewellery. In 2005, Tayma opened a beautiful boutique in the prestigious Landmark Prince’s Building Hong Kong.


Now celebrating over 30 years of jewellery design, Tayma has a renowned reputation as Hong Kong’s leading gemstone collector and connoisseur, and she has started researching and writing articles and poems for publication. Throughout her career as a jeweller, Tayma has championed the Hong Kong goldsmith and  gem setter, and to this day Tayma still takes pride in collaborating with and supporting local See Fu.

 Tayma Page Allies, Founder of TAYMA Fine Jewellery

"Just when I think I’ve seen everything, another fabulous jewel turns up and I just can’t resist it. Having seen thousands of gemstones over the years, there has to be something special about the gem for me to fall in love: a beautiful colour, a special cut, an unusual size, a rare piece, and when I find such a gem, it’s very hard for me to let it go!


When you think that gemstones are created under intense heat and pressure over millions of years, they truly are gifts from the Earth. Natural crystals are a joy for the eye to behold and for the hand to hold." 


Tayma Page Allies Signature