Gemalistas have roamed the Earth since Time began!

The love of beautiful jewels has bewitched us for over 25,000 years, and has inspired artists, poets, kings, and queens, as well as pirates and Conquistadors. Symbols of wealth and power, status and rank, Gems and jewellery have fascinated us for centuries.

From Cleopatra's glorious emeralds, to Elizabeth 1's impressive rope of pearls, to Empress Tzu His and her passion for pink tourmaline, the very human desire for gems is actually the thread that binds all of us throughout history.

For over 31 years Tayma has curated an outstanding gemstone collection which features her personal favourites and many rare gems from old mines. Recently those gemstones have increased in value, as mines have closed, new deposits are yet to be found and coloured gemstones are subject to supply and an ever increasing demand, as more collectors and investors are entering the market.

Today’s Gemalistas are doctors, bankers, educators, lawyers and entrepreneurs. They are confident, curious, independent women who wish to stand out from the crowd. They are gem collectors and investors, who enjoy looking for that special gemstone to fall in love with, thereby creating a very personal collection that will be passed on as precious legacies.

A Gemalista could be someone like you - it's certainly me!