Jewellery Care

Jewellery is a gift of love: a treat to yourself or someone special. It's an emotional purchase and one to be treasured. We expect to wear our jewellery every day, and yet we take very little care of it. It's surprising to think that glass is harder than pure gold.

When you take your rings off, take care to remove them from the sides, as over time you'll loosen the gemstone from its setting. Careful when opening doors, as metal handles may dent and damage gold bands or eternity rings. Avoid playing sport wearing your rings.

Never swim or bathe in your jewellery, chlorine is a harsh chemical that pits gold and can damage gemstones, saltwater shrinks your fingers and bubble bath dyes your pearls. The sun heats yours stones and cold water could crack them. Many household chemicals, such as bleach, are much harsher than your jewels.

Watch out for body lotions, soaps and sun creams as they will clog up your ring's setting, loosen the prongs and leave a greasy film on the gemstone making it look dull and cloudy.

Check your jewellery regularly, resting yours pearls and clean your gemstones with a soft cloth, a baby's toothbrush and gentle professional jewellery cleaning solution. Be wary of sonic cleaners as they rattle the settings and will damage pearls, emeralds and opals. 

Remember to look after your treasures, as they will give you so much pleasure over the years. Once you fall in love with a beautiful piece, you'll want to wear it forever.