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Cruise by TAYMA

Rose Quartz Facial Roller


Rose quartz is a natural crystal mineral with positive energy that resonates with the heart chakra. It’s often called “The healer of the heart” .

Celestial, healing, colourful and appealing, natural crystals are a joy for the eye to behold and for the hand to hold.

Enjoy a peaceful, holistic moment with your natural rose quartz crystal from the Earth’s crust.


. Reduces inflammation . Improves blood circulation . Supports renewal of skin cells . Reduces fine lines and wrinkles . Helps in improving skin tone . Brings extra oxygen to the skin . Helps in healing and rejuvenating . Reduces dark circles and puffiness . Gives a natural glow to your face

Cool tips from Tayma

Keep your roller in the fridge for those pesky eyebags!

Add your favourite oil for a smoother rolling

Rose Quartz 





Cruise jewellery features beautiful natural gems set in silver and gold vermeil