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Who is your Role Mother?


This much I know is true:
If someone loves you - lucky you


Maybe you have a new stepmother,
An adoptive mum, or a godmother?
A birth mum or a foster?
Or two mums who share love's roster?
Or, two mums who are dads?
Of all the different mums, we're so glad.


Someone who's helped you
In many special ways,
Because a mother's love lasts for always
A grandmother, a neighbour, an aunty, a friend,
Love is love to the end.
For this much I know is true ,
If any mum loves you - lucky you.


For here is truly the best bit -
Love is love, wherever you find it.
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Dreaming In Colour

Dreaming In Colour

Those sparkling jewels are calling
Twinkling stars in my sleep
I just can't stop thinking about them
I think I'm in it deep

I've been dreaming all night of TAYMA Fine
Jewellery, a rubellite and diamond ring divine
Could you? Would you? Will you be mine?

Caribbean blue Paraiba earrings, 
An iridescent opal flower, 
An aquamarine necklace,
Keep me awake with their power

They tantalise and hypnotise
They sparkle and thrill
I really cannot sleep
And feel I have a chill

Such beautiful jewellery, each one handmade
Legacy gemstones and rare jewels,
All are TAYMA's trade
I just can't resist those diverse colours divine
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Summer trips are calling
Sun, sea and sand
Luxuriating on the lounger
Exploring a foreign land.
Beach, bar and barbecue
Holiday without a care,
But wait! How to look sensational?
What jewellery do you wear?

From moonstone to sunstone,
Agate flowers and druzy,
Amethyst or turquoise, or lapis makes it easy.

How to Look fabulous
Hanging out by the pool or bar?
And standing out in a crowd, wherever you are?

Wear Cruise Collection’s natural gemstones,
Be beautiful, individual, stylish and cool
Because you are that fab girl, sparkling by the pool.

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捻弄著明亮而色彩濃豔的祖母綠會怦然心動嗎?其實很多人都有這樣的感覺。世上公認的美人和幾位男士都愛上祖母綠,並且擁有神話般華麗的寶石收藏...... Continue reading
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